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Armani Sway'ze Cross and Chris Ware Interview

Sway'ze and Chris are both friends of T'keyah Thomas and were both featured performers later that night at her monthly event, One Mic. They're both poets and musicians from St. Louis but never met each other until this day. I'm glad to have met them and glad they met each other and as I sit here uploading this right before going to One Mic, I'm can say that I'm pretty stoked to see them perform tonight!

Recorded on 2016-04-14

Speakers: Joseph Weidinger and Chris Ware

Kristen's crazy. I know you little so little about each of you, but I know that you're both artists and multiple capacities. Music, poetry and other things. And you're both performers. And Chris, you bring a high energy from the performance I've seen on YouTube, for example. Ah, high energy. A passionate and enthusiastic yet deep performance. The spoken word in our money. Uh, with your soundcloud. I was listening to your Neil So music and you bring unequal honesty but with sort of smooth sweetness.

Get passion in your singing voice. And you both are going to be performing here tonight at one like it hosted by T k sitting over there. So welcome to Tim Spears, April fourteenth, two thousand sixteen. The best question we'll start with Sue's E What is the best thing for human being? It was the best thing for a human being to be breathing to be breathing should be one with yes surrounding, you know, like you might not be like in the best situation, you might not have all the money, but the fact that a lot of people, just for example, like there was a post on Facebook of this homeless guy, literally was living under the highway.

He took chop and drew his dream house on the wall and say, a paradise. And he was the happiest man on earth. And it was just because he was so like, fine with his situation into spying, with just being able to breathe and being able to walk and get up, that he was okay with it. I just think the best thing being a human is that you can just be one with earth and just be And it sounds like all like, you know, earthy because that's what I have him.

But I just you could just be whatever you want to be feel. However, especially in America, it's like the place of dreams in a way and even But you can live in your dreams and you can dream can be the reality to whatever degree. But you can. And so we're It's an interesting mixture that we have everybody. Everybody's dream is different. Everybody. Reality is different. Everybody, life is different and just how people go about it on.

And I really love positive people, you know, Especially people who could, like, bring the positivity out of something so negative, You know? Doesn't a people that encourage me? Good, Chris, what do you do? You would you say the best thing for human beings? The best thing for him. But I suppose I r can't. Can't disagree with our money. I would I would go a little bit further to say the best thing for human being is not as yourself.

Oh, and in a more holistic sense, necessarily knowing you know, the things that you want and the things that you like and for sore nose but understanding where you come from, what leads you to those particular things that you want. Oh, that's why that's why I really like history, you know, understanding loud. But I think I was told I was talking somebody body early today. You know, history of philosophy.

You know what's happened and why it happened, you know, So wait. Look at yourself. You still gotta look at yourself asking those same questions. You know, your own personal history, your personal for lasting. You're all influences, you know, friends, family members, grand parents, parents How they taught you what they taught you. It was like just just different small intricacies, like some of the small lands.

Whether or not you throw the egg shells in the trash can will put him back in the carton altogether. Joe Joe pieces. Um, would you mind getting that? Because they're That was the piece of for us, and that's awesome. Yeah, yeah. They make remake best anyway, Yeah. And we're like, you know. Just with it, would ya? We would understand. In those days, you start to are to study in the right, Fast, ese, you start to look for specific, specific things that are in a line with with what you see yourself, Not just you know, the future, what you want, what you aspire to be.

But maybe deeper into, like, family things. Because knowing stuff about your family history will necessarily help you out in the future. I mean, like is very so. That's a very simple concept to grasp. You know, when you go to Doctor, the first thing I ask you is you know, Is there anybody in your family that's had heart disease or cancer and a history of mental illness in your family, You know, but that that thing that definitely transcends past, you know, just the medical room.

Any talk about just physiology? You know, they're certain foods that you know you can beat that you can't eat. Your parent was your mama's lacked Awesome Tyler. And you are, too. Your father really liked cheese. So you like cheese, too, Even though you're lactose intolerant, realizing that the apple doesn't fall too far and being using that to gain knowledge inside about where you are, Where you will go are all these things and maybe just come to appreciate it Who you are going to be, right?

Yeah, Yeah, I understand. They like where you come from. In that sense, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree that support understanding all personal philosophy where you're going, what values you hold dear to yourself. Why you hold those values did yourself another simple concept. Religion, like a lot of people, select the religion not based on their understanding of it, but where they were born at geographically what the parents were, you know, So understanding how you got the influence.

It may prompt you to Dale deeper into it. Delve deeper to yourself to become a more whole person going forward. You know, if you don't know your history, you don't know the history of things. You tend to repeat it. So when you do, you understand your family, sister, your personal history get a chance to actually actively influence your future, you know? Oh, I'm a poor black. Were from North side St Louis.

You know, understanding a cycle of poverty. If I understand how my family is gets into probably stays in poverty and when it wants. I understand those are those activities knows those accidents that keep a person in poverty. I cannot do those. That's good. Yeah, yeah, you find empowering this and you have robbed so many points of There's a lot of questions I asked that are just like offshoots of that which we'll get to but sweezy on the subject of family and growing up.

Who were Cem, who was the most influential person within your immediate family? Immediate family? I know it sounds cliche, but I have seen my mom, one of my grandmother. My grandmother was a teacher in the pie line, a district pile I was back then. It wasn't as bad. But, I mean, just being a teacher, your grandma, my grandmother was a teacher in the pilot school district. And my mom, actually, my mom has three jobs.

She works at Forest Park ranking and hear stuff. And so she is the type of woman who shout out to my mom I'm going live on Facebook. So she's the type of woman who, uh, shots Chris. She'll go to what she has surgery. One day literally wanted to go to work the next day. And I'm like Mom, like, No, you have to chew, like just, you know, she's just a woman who's, like, you know, I got to get it done all our lives.

She's, you know, she's kind of got herself when she was really younger. She was always sickly and everybody got to hang out with her brothers sisters. She was I had asthma really bad when he kept in the hospital. A lot is so after. After, you know, she got older. She's kind of start doing a lot of stuff by yourself, like I really looked up to her. She's like a real boss woman like she crazy sometimes, but that's how moms are.

She's also a singer. She has her own band, you know, she went to the studio is up when she was younger, my grandmother was a singer. I mean, she she is. She's just everything that you will look in for a life motivation. Honestly, I would have to say, my mom and my grandmother and were they your biggest musical influences to not use against it? But my mom, she's, you know, she's one of the reasons why I started singing.

I mean, you know, karaoke machine, and I was like two or three years old, Ron run around and diapers and my dad's cowboy boots singing karaoke E. That's right, all started. And when I would have to say, I would have to say, definitely one was brandy. I know that's really random, but Brandi, she's a She was. She played a Cinderella and, uh, and the black Cinderella. She was goingto Rogers the Rodgers and Hammerstein Hammer's not Yeah, actually, In high school, I was actually the main character, Cinderella.

And so I knew all of the songs I have. Say, Brandy one. Erica Badu is like my creator. She's my mom. She's like a second mom, John Legend. Just because I can relate to him because he has such a raw and hard voice and that I compare my voice to hits. A lot of people think, Oh, you know, I had this smooth of waste isn't smooth, is my voice. It doesn't can't go that high and I'm fine with it and I feel like John just like, Okay, I might hit a no and it might not sound right, but I was still putting on my album because I like it and I just like his attitude.

He's so like you never seen him be so big headed in the media. He's always like, you know, cool and laid back. I have a lot of musical influence, but I would definitely say work as far as mainstream Erykah Badu as Faras Underground. Well, he's now coming out mainstream Spassky rockets. I don't know if you know who that is, but Spazio, rockets and single in L. A. They're, like, started on Soundcloud kind, and they're coming out mainstream.

Yeah. So, yeah, those would be my musical influences. Yeah. So, Chris, you You doing spoken word? Ah, lot. But you also do music so obviously brought against our And I think you have a linked in profile, right? I do. And it's said on there also, it said, like ten things. But for some reason, the one that second me was trombone also, but So how do you describe, uh, all the things that you do to someone that you've never met before?

Um, Teo put it as simply as possible. I'm a Renaissance man. I know what you were literally called a jack of all trades. Master of none. I do a little bit of everything. I worked. I worked a ton of jobs. I've done everything from run valet to build trophies to work security. And now I make puzzles. I make puzzles and and in between all that, I'm a Marine somewhere. Oh, and I work on cars and I cook it up and play guitar and trombone in piano and I like to write poetry and I perform Shakespeare and I acted like long walks on the beach is oatmeal cookies.

Comedians in there somewhere? Yeah, I don't know how I feel about doing stand up, but I like to be a little funny. Yeah, you like to perform? I do. I do lie like toe. Like to consider myself entertainer. Oh, my, Oh, my Facebook page. I don't have ah, poet actors saying I just have entertaining. It's not making people happy, right? And and I realize I know this is going live on Facebook, but I worked at a lot of customers, started his jobs and customer service job, so always trying to please the people.

And I thought that that's what I was a people pleaser. But I've come to realize that I'm not a people pleaser in that way. You know, my patients isn't as I'm not a patient, has a lot of people is a lot of people. And I'm not so willing to talk to people you know, like in a work environment. You know, I can't say I'm working, but I'm not really a people person. But when I'm when I'm speaking poisoning, when I'm writing music, when people can relate to that and people come up to me and they say, that it It changed them where it made them feel a type of way.

That's how I like pleasing people, you know, by being honest with yourself and not putting on a face and going Oh, the customer is always right. Yeah. You want? Yeah. You know, like like, because she brings up a really good point because, like, when I think about customer service, I don't think I don't necessarily see myself. It's nice. I see myself very proficient is last. I do my job. Well, yeah, I do my job Well, I'm asking what you need, not because I can't, but because that's the best way to do the job.

It's the best way to do the job, you know, ask you what you need to make sure I askyou all the extra stuff to make sure I offer you everything to make sure I count the money the right way. You know, it is my job to do those days. I don't I don't necessarily want tohave end of conversation. Anybody about what I did last summer when I went out of town, toe to toe Oakland. I don't really wanna have a conversation with you.

But if something I did on Oakland will help me make this sale or make you feel better about me, that you'll come back to me. Why not give this story about Oakland? You know, it's You know, I did a job with that concept. All day long. And Chris. You're from St Louis, right? Yes. And s oh, squeezy ways here from St Louis to write. But you two never known each other until the day. You know, it's crazy. I mean, I was just telling him we go to the same poetry spot we had the same connection of friends and we've never met.

I know you've got hurt. Very, Bart. Yeah, well built, waiting there all the time. And I But I'm a cop. I'm the kind of person who I'm the kind of person who's kind of laid back. I'm not always the person who, you know, go up to new people, like, Hey, Ocean a mom, But what would you say? You're shy. I'm not sure. I'm just kind of reserved person, you know, like I'm just kind of not nonchalant, But it's kind of like, you know, I just kind of really picked environment.

If the environment is good and flowing, I'm just chilling, you know? But environment is bad. Either I'm super quiet or I leave. But the only time I think I'm going to start changing that because I actually went Teo Ella to travel. I want Teo myself. How by yourself. So I was I was there for, like, five nights, and I did it as a soul searching vacation before I went to go turn up in Miami. And I mean, like the people that I meant like, I think I've lost, You know, I missed a lot of connections as far as like, you know, introducing yourself to people, getting to know people in connecting because it was a lot of people there.

I mean, from Germany, Russia, everywhere around the world. And I stayed in a hostel. So I was exposed to that and, like, I was partying with these guys were from Australia. And I had told them that I actually went Australia two summers before, and we were like, having conversations, and we really kicked it like we had known each other for years. And they were all of my snapshot everything. And it was a really good time.

And I feel like, you know, I would probably have good times like that if I started like, you know, actually interacted with people. But it's just who I am. I'm just kind of like, chill. I'm not, like, super excited to meet people, but I'm not opposed to meeting people, you know, if that makes sense. Women. I just difficult. So women are just difficult. I would say, Chris, what would you think? What would you say is the biggest difference between men and women are certain men and women from physical aside, you say the difference between men and women and it was there more respect.

Now, the biggest difference between men. It is a big day between men and women, the way they're socialized, the way they're socialized. Like, uh, when you talk about masculinity of femininity, you'll get taught how to display that, you know, when you talk about out of politics with ah, with homosexuality and gay marriage on the controversies behind, like how a person displays themselves. Is all pure society, like all these demonstrations of humanity and anyone form.

If it wasn't a demonstration of humanity, it wouldn't happen. But we are just just way we're socialized. There's there's not a lot that a man could do that I want McKay. There's not a lot of the woman who can do that, a man cave except just just biological face that you know that actually make those different. It's almost everything is basically biological way. Due to a handsome biology, you know, you talk about attraction and things.

Ah, worldwide, Maura. Tighter pants in accentuation hips. It's, ah, visual cue of a sexual maturity. So you wanna situate those days to be more sexy, or you no see, sexually mature? That's like, basically misty best. You know, La Lai man, always looking at me because you're sexually mature and as it is, visually, I think there's a lot of these stem from biology, right? But they have psychological. I don't think a lot of us, I mean except except the the clear fact.

I don't think a lot is different between men and women except, like, you know, biological, but also like just different mental processes. You know, like and just as different ethnicities, too, You know, because I feel like as far as a black man in America, especially with stuff that's recently been going on, it's just is It really was like a different environment, you know, and it's not just other races putting.

You know, these burdens on a black man back is people at home is black women that's like old black Man. To do this black man need to do that. Everybody's kind on a black man to do something, and I feel like it's so much harder from him. In America, when men in general, they're always like, you know, like, for example, is this super random. But like you go to a parent teacher conference, the first thing the teacher going after.

Where's your mom? You know, it's never where your parents is always, you know, because it expects to for it to be a single mother world right now. But nobody ever thinks he may be a single father. You know, it is really stereotypes against man as well, so I feel like as far as being in the world, it's harder for me. But as far as biologically is probably harder for women. And that's the only thing that I think is different.

That was, well, well spoken in. Ah, talking, Talking about art and spoken word in music, huh? My question for you start with squeezy. It is when you feel the most creative. Or do you have a ritual routine, too? Have a creative process? Yeah, I was actually just a day on the radio and do And yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy because it literally happens at the most random moments. As far as a poem, I'll randomly, literally randomly get this line in my head, and I'm like, Oh, that's don't And during I mean throughout the day, I'll build on that line By the end of day I have five lines.

I'll go home and I'm like, Okay, I'll add to it where one time at work, I wrote my famous poem called over Easy brown skin and I wrote that the whole time I was sitting at the register. It was just how I was feeling at that moment in time or situations that was happening that moment in time. Sometimes when I'm forced to sit down and write, I have writer's block. You can't have a force a writer to write.

They have to fill something. In that moment, they have to Something either politically had to be going on something in their life personally has to be going on. You can't say sit down, write about this now Some people can't because some people really good at freestyling But when you want it to be from the heart he wanted to be really just like t K One morning at three o'Clock in the morning she wrote up Woke up writing poem That's me.

Sometimes I wake up with a song on my mind and I'm like, Oh, I got to get this out before I forget about it. It's like three or four o'clock in the morning. That's just, you know, use a lot of artist. Probably do that like when you can't sleep. And where does it come from? Three. Four in the morning when it wakes you up. Like, where does it originate from? Is really random. Just like during the day. Like a random line pops in my head when I'm sleep.

Uh, maybe I'll I don't even know. I can't even tell you where it comes from is literally like, you know, online and you're like, Oh, that's kind of dope. When you think your stuff like I want to build on it you keep repeating that line in your head and you build on it And by the end of the day or when you wake up, you got a whole song or a whole poem and that is different for every artist you know. But I, like some artist, never had to struggle with, You know, Stephen through the night without having a song stuck in ahead and getting up to write it and other artists.

They just can't sit down and write a song. But with me, it's it's really random. And it it's when I tried to force myself to write a song and usually doesn't come out right. When I try to force myself to finish a poem, he usually doesn't come out right. I kind of just let the process happen naturally, like it might take me a month to finish upon. But if that's how long it takes, then it'll probably be the best poem I have wrote.

You know, that's how my processes here for several years. Um, my process, I suppose with many different. Fastest to my process. Like, I definitely I definitely know a lot of things off. Inspirational spark? No, just, you know, just feeling a particular way. Things jumped to my head. But what I what I've learned how to do was I learned howto be more touching myself all the time. Be more comfortable with the developing on my chest, actually processing it the wordsmith and gone and reading back through an editing or well more comfort with the editing process is what it is on your more comfortable Yes, but with the editing process, you know, just going back through.

Ah, picking through different things, word choices. Cutting out things for fluff. You know, it's kind of like, Well, you don't only need to say that or that's redundant or eyes. Anybody going to understand that I made a reference to something that's pretty obscure? Are you think that you like when you write, you write a bunch of stuff right? And then you edit it down right instead of, like, carefully constructing, line by line and right, you feel very comfortable generating a lot of material for lack of better words.

And the creativity is sort of in the editing, the part that you're most comfortable with, or best that or whatever is in the editing. Well, the, I suppose to create it wouldn't be cars before the editing like the what it is like where my process is more of a trainee. It's more of a training like a like a martial art like you. Some that you practice every day, like whether you have it or not, is not necessarily because I just write.

I don't write necessarily right with the intent to make a poem. Oh, necessarily right with the intent to have essay, I just if I have a concept, I write it down. Write down the different ideas. Like I'll write a list. I could actually kind of show you some of the things you Yeah, this is Yeah. And I have a couple of these books like was this? Like, this is ah, conceptualization. He's a conceptualization piece down.

Working on this is just like a part of the inspiration of sport. This is Maura spreading out the ideas, self structural things like put into that. Go with this idea. Um, and this is not this high, uh, push people to workshop. Oh, and that And you do that so you could write down All these raw do is that you have keep them condense together. And when you start actually riding on it, you can actually feed those are ideas into the writing.

I was kind of makes it easier to structure when you're talking about being able to look at what you're what's conceptualize and be able to look at that the inspirational spark and, you know, being able to preserve it because, like, what it is that once you had a spark. Sometimes if lookers out before, you can actually get to play around with it, and once you get a chance, you might lose it or you feel like you might lose it.

But with you, won't you have a deeper understanding yourself? You're not necessarily going to change how you feel about any particular subject. So even though you had that spark inspiration right down their line, you still feel how you feel about that subject where there was just a today, five months from now, you still feel that way. You could still write in that round. And you know, once you develop your certain style, you always going to write with your stuff.

You're always in a dance with your style. It's like you may take on other forms like I'm a You know, maybe I could write a haiku. Ah, lyric form. I know different, different literary devices that can use an autonomy and obliteration and things like that, but it's still me. It's this. There's still on me. No matter what. I write it still on me. So just developing the concept and I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable with that process.

I'm comfortable with who I am as an artist. What I make wrongs are and I'm becoming more comfortable with editing process and just processing pieces from there. And I suppose that is done pretty well for me. It's done well for the students that I've had who take it seriously and understand that the concept of ah, free right without concept in mind but in his s and, you know, it just comes with age and time.

Like for you. Uh, how are you, Chris? You're in college, right? Smooth squeezing. Yeah, I'm thirty thirty Well, it'll be older, you know, it takes a slow feel comfortable, I guess. What age did you say? I feel very. I have a method. You know, it's a supposed that's a that's a recent development, and it does take a little time to become so patient with yourself because when you first start writing, you know, it's well for me it was a very private thing.

You know, you don't really take it out to a lot of people, and then, you know, you find a place for it and you know, you have that inspirational sparking. You want to write everything, knew you always want to put out new stuff. And then once you get a little bit older and you start thinking about the business side of things and you start thinking about the concept of people having favorite songs, favorite food and favorite soda and how people like repeat things, you start developing what you already have.

Mohr. Because it's not about if you do upon a different point every time it's about. If you do a quality form every time and to have a quality form, you might have to revisit their point nineteen times before you have it down perfectly to a society that was scientific for you. To where you deliver is going to impact exactly where you want to impact. It's always. And what you're saying is, is that a cz faras being a writer and a performer, you're more comfortable than ever.

And knowing what it takes to write a poem or what it takes, how long it will take her, How? How much work it will take to write a poem, but also perform it well, right. It's learned all those things that people tell you when you were writing coming up. You know, Don't don't worry about it. Just go ahead and write. You know? You know, you don't have to have an idea. Just write something or you know, once you have that idea care notebook around which you so you can jot it down so you can have it for later.

The driver is is taking those looted from other people and putting them into practice and see what works for me. Everybody is different, though. Yeah, everybody has. Like they're different, you know? Everybody always gonna have different ways they do things, but I feel like artists. It's like we got our own community and like we understand, but at the same time, like people have different process. But doing everything, what is also, like, you know, kind of piggy backing up, he said.

What he said, that's also like just taking advice from other people and putting it all together. But at the end of the day, like your mind works one way, and that's how it's gonna work, you know, on. And that's how that's what you're going to get it, get it get from it at the end of whatever you write, whatever you sing is going to be how your mind processed, right? It's kind of become a theme in these last thirty minutes.

So you're talking to something that being comfortable with yourself and being okay with yourself, right? Accepting what has Tio? I mean, that's that's what really has to happen. Honestly, like one reason why I haven't, you know, released a lot of songs because I'm not confident and, you know, I write these songs and I'm like, uh, stupid or, you know, it sounds really good to me at the moment, and then I listen to it without the hip on my my Oh, my God, that sounds horrible.

You know, a lot of artists, they're never say it, but they are afraid that, you know, afraid of what other people might say badly about it. But at the end, you have to realize that not everybody's going to like your music. You know, a lot of people love Beyonce and people who, absolutely we think she can not seeing what the lick, You know, you'll always be like, I don't understand why I like, you know, but there's also people who just love to hate.

You know, you have those people, you have people who honestly don't like it, and you have people who do like it. You have people who, honestly crazy opium music, and you don't even understand why. But you have to be comfortable with yourself. Your writing process with, Well, you are as artisans, not trying to compare yourself to other people, because that's what's going to miss you. Oppa's artist trying to compare yourself and that's just from experience.

You know, I'll try to compare myself that my music tio, these artists who has been in the game for twenty, twenty five years and, you know, I'm just still a baby. My music is going to be on top like that. I'm not going to be selling out shows like that, you know? And you just have to be comfortable, especially in the process, especially before you even make it. Because when you're trying to make it, that's when you you you have the least supporters you ever had.

And that's one thing that's really hard, especially coming from St Louis because it was the place where if I don't know you, I don't I'm not coming. You know, if I heard you on the radio or finding seeing your Instagram were like, nine thousand followers were financing, your Facebook would like twenty thousand something likes. I'm not coming, you know, important. But then when you start popping, she was my friend.

You know, that was my best friend. It's really hard. And it it might not just be St Louis. It might just be a lot of areas. But coming from St Louis it is, is really hard finding that support. Remember, I performed in St Louis one time A people don't know it wasn't your mansion as soon it was Africa or what it was called, And I invited a lot of people for my friend showed up before him to L. A. You would've thought I known a whole crowd.

You know, two different sides of the United States to different places. I want to l a didn't even know anybody but my uncle and that crowd cheering me on and gay and wanted me to do on court like they knew me. But in St Louis, it was cricket, you know? And I'm just I just don't understand that. But that's one reason why you have to tell yourself I'm comfortable with me. I'm comfortable this process. And at the end of the day, when I put my heart workin, I'ma get it.

And so that's why you just you have to tell yourself that I'm good with me, you know? So are you going, Teo? Are you saying you're going to move to L. A? I am right after when I graduated to send ground movements to L. A And I'm going Tio, I was above all a New Orleans and Miami, new ones is a great place. As faras music, jazz, all of that. But I would I would be more comfortable with going to L. A, especially with I just picked up the base in February and I'm playing like I've been playing for almost six months and I feel like as as a woman and late paying any attention and it'll be easy, is it?

It'll be easy for me to get a job like that. And you know, L A is just a good place to be for anything. It's the Hustle is called House of City. It's still Yeah, and I really feel like, you know, if I work hard enough and my uncle stays down there. So my plan is to kind of, like, pay him like in rent to stay there and then kind of set my money up perform and I probably struggling the first couple of times I'm out there, but I'm ready for all that it.

So it sounds like you've had a good experience is coming from there to start with, so that will I'll give you an extra little boost in confidence, I think. Chris, do you think? What do you think about St Louis and do you like? Living is Saint Lys. You're home. It's been your home in the past. Is it going to be your whole future like, Do you like, seamless? I'm ah, at this point in my life, I'm not planning on leaving St Louis is I plan on trying what I supposed What my goal isn't staying in St Louis is demonstrating how you can take on all these artistic endeavors and you don't have to relocate out of St Louis.

Oh, that's a lot of people to travel. Travel. Get out, meet people. I have a reason to go Teo to New York, you know, have a reason to go to Chicago. Don't you know if you don't have to move to Chicago to do work? Chicago? You don't? Not at all. You don't have to move to New York to do work. New York. But you can't take on a project that might take you, will you? Huh? In New York And you can't move out there. What?

Ah, a lot of things that we, Mrs St Louis is because instead of the stronger people staying in St Louis and working together, we are spread out when we go to those other large hubs and we built and we feed into those who go to Ella's in New York's in Atlanta's Wait, Take all our town out there and we feed their scenes in their scenes. Pop, That's true. Wait, take that out of St Louis way. What? What I believe we need to do is start channel and people back into St Louis makes St Louis into a place where people want to be like saying it was politics.

That's what they're doing. They're trying to rebuild infrastructure. St. Louis. So was Maura tourist friendly. So that's an idea that necessarily the citizens are saying little should pick up. It's William, let's do everything to get people here, because once people start coming, people going to say, Okay, well, I heard about this Open mic keeps going for how long? Well, I've never seen anything like that.

I saw it on YouTube. I guess I want to go see a person, Right. So here's a question regarding that insane Louison L A. And I tend to think that the world is getting more global, and they're just like everything is that, you know, it's the Internet in a way, and you mentioned scenes and that words stuck out to me because indeed there are no music. Scenes are all kinds of scenes in each city of, but I wonder, sometimes there's my question is what do you think?

The music, music, business or entertainment business, if you will, or whatever you want to use looks like as the world gets, like more global and more in that. Driven as it is, you know, you can earn a job. Is a computer software developer living in some hut in Alaska working for someone in desert? You know, remote work and a fair amount of people do that in the film business. Not too much, you know, working on films from all over the world.

You know, you don't have to be in L. A. L A is still the place to go. Like, you know, it's still if you're going to go anywhere, it's going to be L A right. It's not going to be come in Missouri, necessarily. You know, if you want to go making the film business, for example. But what do you think the world looks like? One hundred years? A ce faras music or the entertain business. Do you have any predictions?

I feel like it's a lot of people have our minds that, you know, a ce faras, you know, channeling. That's how they make a St Louis. I'll never forget where I came from, and I also want to implement programs in St Louis that actually brings that attention. The good attention to St Louis. You know, it's a lot of ideas that came saying was that you would never know. Like I know Scissor came from St Louis. I don't know if you know who that is, but she had a couple songs a chance.

The rapper. She came from St Louis. It was a lot of American next top models who are from up from out of St Louis. A lot of people are from St Louis or living in St Louis, where a good amount of time. But you would never know. Um, about one hundred years, I really think I think St Louis would be same. Always is going to be on the map in one hundred years, and I feel like a lot of people are going to start branching out overseas is not going to just be, Oh, he's going overseas for football.

Oh, he's going overseas for basketball is going to be all she's going overseas Tio signed with some huge record label over there. Yeah, but not as big, though, is not his biggest sports is not his biggest sports now modeling, modeling in the music industry from people going from here so overseas, I don't think it's as big a sports modelling of film. It's not up there. Sports would probably be in. It's happy, too, and I feel like music business going to start getting this high.

As you know, he's going overseas for football and says he she's going overseas to be with this huge regulate oneAustralia or, you know, whatever. Um, I think that's how it will be developed in the next hundred years instead of being so so Domestic, I think, is going to get a national. Yeah, I don't I don't think it will. I don't think you do be much different. The biggest difference would be what you pay for things.

Light is far how you play with things, definitely. But what the value of having a track is gonna go down like just having some buddies like just putting music like online and having music play that's going to be free just like now is there's not is not really expensive to buy music tohave like original music for somebody. But where people make money isn't the tour because you could never devalue. Actually, being able to be in the space with a person is like Yeah, it's like Michael Jackson.

Music is great, but Michael Jackson music coming through the radio is not making anybody pass out. Michael Jackson, all stage looking left for two minutes. They're looking right for four, is making people pass out. They want to see him in the stadium, and person is like so, and that seems like it's still pretty much like is like that very much so today the thing is going to get you around. It's like just marketing polish.

No being able to market yourself being like, well, developing a brand in being able to market that brand to the people who will pay for it. And they were going to bring you on tour or pay for you to come out somewhere in person. You know, Uh, is like Pakistan. I'm just saying tracks here all day long. You know, you could have my music, my portion out here all day long, but I won't make any money to last that foot in here.

You know, the music world today. You don't make money from putting albums. You make money from touring, you know, beyonc goes and where a while to everybody shows up. She makes a lot of money on Tool, not necessarily for record sales. It's like when the last time you heard about Beyonce and record sales like, Yeah, she has very high record sales, too. Don't get right. But when you talk about beyond making money, we talk about Nicki Minaj making money.

We talked about how you wish little way and these people making money. It's on tour, right? And little way perfect example puts out music that nobody's going to buy because it's free all the mixtape that little one puts out. The mixtape is free, and then I get these endorsements, you know, indoors. Hats, cologne, perfume. That's why it's a lot of artists Who hoo hoo you know, venture out into things more than just music.

Because at the end of the day, after you pamper studio time, you've got to pay your writer. You gotta pay whoever put the album together. You gotta pay transport costs about time you get all that money, but it's not going to be no money. But that's also why people going on tour like he said. But I saw, Oh, I had an idea to make it close. Well, let's do it. Let me get some money from that people and people don't understand people who really not artists are or what you think about the music, and if you don't even know that, they're not really make it.

Oh, to be honest, I have the most recognizable time. That's a good that's good to go on a platter. But at the end of the day, she's still trying to get her money. That's why she's, you know, working with all of these artists, You know, people with you out of here, you gotta pay for people to be on features. You know, you want me You want to be featured on your album, Pay me this much money is all about it is still artist who husband be I say hustles.

You know, everything's not handed to her. You know, at the end of day, people are like, Oh, she don't write her music Well, she's gotta pay for them. You succeed, All right, so she has to have another idea of, you know, and she's got, like, a clothing line and stuff there's still out. So I feel like E I mean, I really feel like you can't even name artist who doesn't have something else going on other than their albums.

Right? So you're basically you're boasting is like people as faras, how people's finances are concerned and how that all works out. People are more interested in artists as a the whole human being, right and all the things that they do and are interested in and as opposed to just this, like little soundbite that's two minutes and right. This is the bunch of you is the new way celebrities. Celebrity is no longer that guy who comes on TV that you only see on TV.

And then one show celebrity is the guy who was on the TV and he went to the club last night. And what shoes is he wearing now? What is he eating? It's the whole of personal. It's something. So we've got just a few minutes left here, so ask just a few nice closing questions. Thank you all for joining and no problems. Okay. And this pizza table here, this piece is amazing. Okay, so, um, the question for Sue's ia's is if your rule it for the world.

If your ruler of the world, what would you do on your first day? The ruler of the world? The first day? Yeah. What would you do on your first day? That is a really good question. Cheese is I never even thought that big. Maybe that's a good thing, right? And never even thought that. That's when you whip out your notebook right time thinking about forever. I mean, I feel like if I was really worried right now, the world is so messed up, I won't even mess with the people.

I was just, like, put on some free, I don't know, something small because I don't know the mindset of people is so different today, You know, I watched his video on Facebook of this guy who was going out giving free hugs at the different presidential rally. He went to Donald Trump rally, giving out free hugs. They cussed him out, flicked him off acts and why he was here, said something about how they was so into building this wall, whatever that Donald Trump wants to do.

Then he goes to the burning rally and everybody was so loving. You know, everybody was taking pictures with him and thanking him and even made one woman's day like is to is twenty different Mind, says the people out in the world. I would if somebody paid me to take that position. I'm like, you know what I must say over here in my corner, and I'm gonna do me. But, um so I was like, I would know my own big concert and I was saying I would bring out every every greatest time artist back, dead or alive.

I'll bring him back and start the biggest concert in a world where you could You could hear it from here. It's a London. From here. It's the bottom of Africa. The bottom of the bottom of Australia. You could hear it from L. A to the other side. That's how big it will be. You will be able to see on a license. Big speak. You will be on clearly able to see out of lights from from from a space. That's good, that it sounds like you're writing a song like that song.

I like that. Keep that in mind. All right, Chris, your turn for the final question. If your ruler of the world, what would you do on your first day on my first day? I would probably take it now because Who's going to tell me I can't that's needed. On my second day, I would probably still be taking this snap on the rule of the world. I have a lot of responsibility. I need my wrist. It's really been on the third day he rested.

No. What would I do? What would I do? I would legalize drugs. I would legalize all drugs because that would you know, all drugs that were living that half by eighty percent of crime in the world. Because, like, if a person wants to stick something up, the nose are in their vein or smokes of weird stuff is going to, you know, make a walk sideways. All right? I'm a poet. I suppose I'll make a better management system for those people and for people who are ready to process themselves off of those surfaces home.

Because I think that we had a culture, a culture and will I suppose it is like that in some place in the world, I'll make that global. I'll make that global that more rehabilitative system I would, I would change the way education works instead of the only thing that we will go, where we would try to do is understand humanity. Like, you know, it's like like what you want, Do what you want to feel, how you want to feel, but understand the human behind it.

You know, if we if we as you know our society, decide that anyone think isn't good. Oh, you know, we shouldn't do any one thing there. Fine. But understand that that's a human things, the human element, you know? No. To kill someone is healed. It's a human thing, you know, is one of those laws of nation, you know, you got his protection itself self preservation. And there may be a time you know, where you have to defend yourself or go go kill that takes out there because you need it.

That's why that's why agriculture is the way it is. You know, there's only there's a finite amount of improved will land. There's a finite amount of places on the earth where you can live and make food. I have a food source. After a while, you have to start making the choice between, uh, yourself and what you've built, somebody else and what they've built. So you say with honors and policy wearing it, right, well thought out after you had some rest of Think about that.

Exactly. You see what happens when you taken out? This is what? Well, thanks for joining guys, and you know, you're very excited. You playing bass. So see that?